Tennis in Barbados
Tennis in Barbados

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"Without a doubt, one of the favorite times I had in Barbados was with Olley on court. I was intent to focus on my serve, as it has plagued me during my tournament play. After hitting just a few minutes, Olley had me adjusting my grip, stance and follow-thru on forehands and backhands, and the toss on my serve. These minor adjustments made a huge difference! He worked me, but I had a blast! One could quickly tell Olley truly enjoys teaching - and playing. A bonus for me, we had the chance to get to know one another - and this was icing on the cake. My only regret is not being able to work with him longer."


Grey Spann

USTA #2018466685

Essex, Conneticut, USA

November 2023



"We had three lessons with Olley based on reviews that we heard from other guests; we were very happy that we did. He is a fantastic instructor. He deconstructed different elements of our game, corrected our challenges and really helped improve our game. As importantly, he was attentive, patient and you can really feel the enjoyment that he derives from helping people. If you are looking for some instruction to supplement your time in Barbados, give him a try."

James, Montreal



"My son absolutely loved his lessons with you, and the progress he has made with you has been brilliant. You are the perfect combination of serious about technique with a decent dose of silly thrown in which, with a five-year old boy, is exactly what's needed!!! We'll be back soon and will definitely see you again when we are."

Alexandra, UK


"We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful family tennis lessons during our stay in Barbados. You were able to effortlessly accommodate our different styles and experience levels.  We will all take back to the States what we learned and look forward to coming back to Barbados for some more lessons. Olley is definitely the best tennis coach on the island and we would highly recommend him for either family fun lessons or an experienced player looking to improve technique. See you next Christmas!"

The Doyle Family, USA


"I really enjoyed my 5 lessons with Olley. As an improver level player I found Olley really worked on developing my technique. He helped me identify the repeat mistakes and bad habits I'd picked up and how to fix them. We worked on improving my forehand, backhand, serve, volley and smash. I've tried a few tennis coaches in the last 2 years and Olley has helped me the most and I'd love to find another coach as good as he back in the UK."

Elaine, London


"Olley is more than a tennis coach; he's a magician! I have been working on a top spin backhand for many years and made little progress.  During my first session with Olley he spotted an immediate issue with my set up and - bingo - a huge step change in the end result!!  Amazing - I am very grateful indeed and will be back for more!"

Francis, Monaco


"Olley is a really geniune guy and a great enthusiastic tennis player. Always a pleasure to hit with."



"Olley has been providing personal tennis coaching and guidance to me and my son, Jack, for a number of years. He is extremely skilled at analysing and correcting defects in technique and over the years we have both greatly benefitted from Olley's calm, clear and expert instruction, resulting in marked improvements in basic technique and enjoyment of the game.  We couldn’t imagine visiting Barbados without our sessions with Olley."

Mark, Republic of Ireland


"He's a good man - gets me moving around the court"

Simon, London, UK


"Finally! At last I found a coach who could fix my backhand"

Jennifer, Cornwall, UK


"My kids love playing with 'Uncle' Olley"

Helena, Sugar Hill resort, Barbados







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